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Question: How long is the flight?

Answer: Our flights are anywhere from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.

Question: What is the in-flight temperature?

Answer: Due to the burners, the temperature in the balloon is a few degrees warmer than the surrounding air, despite the increased altitude.

Question: How much do balloon rides cost?

Answer: In the United States, you can expect to pay somewhere between $225 and $365.00 per person for a balloon flight shared with other passengers. Prices vary depending on the location, seasonal discounts, particular discount(s) related to a promotion, or gift certificate. Our Florida location offers balloon rides as low as $200.00 per passenger at certain times of the year. You can even win a FREE balloon ride by playing our Hot Air Balloon Flight Simulator. Win a Free Flight.”

Question: How can I get a ride in a balloon?

Answer: There are professional balloon ride companies all over the world to choose from. The important reason to choose Guru Balloon is because we have set the highest level of professional standards; as a Full-time, Fully Insured, Hot Air Balloon Ride Operator with the very best, FAA Certified Commercial Pilots and Flight Instructors. Chief Pilot Adam Carusone is a Balloon Federation of America Member and a Competition Pilot, Member of the Hot Air Balloon Competition Division. To speak directly with a pilot please Call 407.758.7007 or email To see more web videos, photos, social media connections and to learn more, Start Here.

Question: How do you enter the basket?

Answer: It is important for safety reasons; that you wait for the individual instruction provided by the Pilot in Command of your balloon. To board the balloon,you simply climb over the side of the basket to get in. While there is no graceful way to do it, our baskets do have a foot hole in the sides and a cross bar atop the vertical uprights to pull yourself up, legs over, lowing yourself carefully until your feet are securely placed on the floor of the basket. Assistance is provided as needed for the less nimble or scantily clad.

Question: What time do we go on balloon rides?

Answer: A hot air balloon ride takes place one hour before Sunrise or just two hours before Sunset. The total adventure is about 3.5 hours. The total in-flight time is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. We fly as long as possible wind and weather permitting, Safety first.

Question: Where do we meet before the flight?

Answer: We meet at Country Inn and Suites, one hour before Sunrise and 3 hours before Sunset. That address is; 1130 Route 9 Queensbury, NY 12804

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